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I empower leaders, teams, and individuals to achieve their goals and live their best lives 

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Upon being diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Lung Cancer just months after almost losing his house and his son at birth, Ryan Ennis has become no stranger to dealing with and overcoming adversity of all kinds. 

With a clear but simple mission of helping others to live life beyond their limitations, Ryan Ennis is a proud Christian, husband, father, Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant, and Life Coach- known for making a memorable impact! 

 His ability to transform his trials into a testimony of Faith, and perseverance, paired with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm for life makes him the ideal candidate to inspire any audience or team. By providing actionable steps to follow, along with imparting wisdom and a unique perspective, he has helped countless people unleash their potential- paving the way towards both personal and professional success!

If you or your team are looking for someone to help take your life or business beyond the bar you've set for yourselves, look no further!


About Ryan

Ryan Ennis has combined his perspective gained from recent years of facing adversity of all kinds with his expertise in life coaching to create his speaking and consulting business, “Life Beyond The Bar LLC”. He works passionately with individuals and organizations to maximize their potential and live their “life beyond the bar” they’ve set for themselves.

He brings a unique perspective gained from his Bachelors in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from West Chester University, ten+ years as a Personal Trainer and Movement Specialist and four years as a certified Life Coach to empower clients to drive positive change in their lives.

He specifically created Beyond the Bar United (@BTBUNITED on Instagram), a subsidiary of Life Beyond the Bar LLC, to improve the quality of life for those who work in the restaurant industry, so that they may better the lives of everyone they come in contact with.

He has used his business, skills, and social media platform to leverage fundraising for charities such as the Delaware Food Banks, Special Olympics, and Families with children with special needs.

Driven by faith, family, and the will to fight, he refuses to allow his Stage 4 cancer diagnosis dictate the direction of his own destiny as he strives to excite, energize and enlist others in his movement to motivate, educate, and inspire.

Ryan’s life-centered mission is to leave the world a better place than how he found it and he helps others do that in their lives with every opportunity he has.


Ryan's Talks


Rehoboth Beach, DE. “Never give up”

I once heard a quote that said “Everyone has 2 lives, but the second one begins when you realize that you only have one.” For me, I thought this day came 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with a rare disease that caused cysts to form in my spinal chord leading to pain and potential paralysis.


I believed this life changing news would be my big wake up call to Live the life I wanted because tomorrow was no longer promised. That is until in May 2021, months after almost losing my house, and my son at birth, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic Lung cancer – Non smoker- but still the leading cause of death for all cancers.


So I believe I have been put here to remind my audience that no matter what you are going through, you must become the hero to your own story, and giving up is never an option!

Schell Brothers - Rehoboth Beach De. “ Happiness over Profit.”

I was asked to deliver a motivational speech for one of the most successful home development companies in Delaware. Their organization is built on a culture of comradery, empathy, and respect which is modeled from their CEO all the way down to their salesmen and women.


Their motto, to “put Happiness over profit” shines through in everything that they do, which made my job : to motivate, encourage, and inspire their team to continue to strive for excellence no matter what life throws at you, land on eager and coachable ears.


My goal to leave a lasting impression that empowered them to live a life beyond the bar they have set for themselves, was not only felt while I spoke, but has been confirmed to have an impact on their team ever since!

Live Life Beyond the Bar

As I mentioned in my bio, my other business is working with restaurant organizations to improve the morale, energy, leadership, and employee retention within their company. As it so happens, working at Paradise grill was where my inspiration for my business “Beyond The Bar United” was born. Returning to speak with the 100+ employees consisting of front and back of the house staff was not only an honor, it was exhilarating!


My goal with this speech was to remind them that their job isn’t just serving food and drinks. It’s changing the energy of everyone they come in contact with. There aren’t many jobs that you can work at where you have the opportunity to impact 50-200 people a day. So the attitude, effort, and energy that you bring forth can not only make someone’s evening, it can change their life.


Talks like these are so much fun for me and the audience because it’s not only engaging in real time, but the positive effects linger well after I leave.


Past Clients

Image by Ivana Cajina

“I’ve been blessed in my life to own and lead businesses for 30 plus years.
I’ve met few young men in my lifetime or career with Ryan’s leadership skills, technique and message. Ryan is simply, special! Whether you’re in a leadership position in life or simply looking for a message that will lead to better and more productive life- he will deliver. The only hesitation anyone or any organization should have is when to schedule with him."

Ed Tesher, CEO Coastal Sales Associates
CEO/Co Founder in Temp-Tations by Tara


Contact Ryan



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